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Toy Photographer: Soeteja Wibowo

IG: @soeteja/

Hi, my name is Soeteja Wibowo. People also call me Teja. I'm 37 years old and live in Surabaya, Indonesia.


I'm a business man. Photography is my hobby. I used to be a landscape photographer, but since Covid-19 Pandemic I stop shooting outdoor. I began collect some action figures (1/12 & 1/10 scale) on March 2020 and started focus on toy photography then.


Almost 80% of my toy photography use light painting technique. 


Thanks for your Support, and enjoy my work.

Kamen Rider - 1 SIC 02.jpeg
kamen rider sangou.jpeg
kamen rider vs alien.jpeg
Shin Getter - 1.jpeg
Kamen Rider Amazon Neo 03.jpeg
Metal Heroes.jpeg
Rider 1 _ Gavan.jpeg
Thanos Vs Ironman.jpeg
Ultraman Ace vs Belial.jpeg
ultraman vs belial.jpeg
Venomized Ironman.jpeg
Ultraman Leo vs Zero.jpeg
X-Men Rogue.jpeg
Alien vs Rider-1 02.jpeg
KamenRider V3 the Next.jpeg
Alien vs Rider-1.jpeg
Ichigo _ Nigo.jpeg
IronMan Mk 42.jpeg
Kamen Rider Sangou 2.jpeg
KamenRider Ichigo.jpeg
hurricane red.jpeg
Zero One Rising Hopper.jpeg
Evangelion Eva-01.jpeg
Kamen Rider - 1.jpeg
Kamen Rider - 1 SIC.jpeg
Kamen Rider Amazon Neo 02.jpeg
Kamen Rider Amazon Neo.jpeg
ultraman anime ver.jpeg
Kamen Rider SIC 03_1_1.jpeg
kamen rider kuuga.jpeg
Gokai Red.jpeg
Gundam Date Masamune.jpeg
KamenRider Brave Dragon.jpeg
KamenRider Eternal_1.jpeg
kamenrider G4.jpeg
thanos 2.jpeg
KamenRider Eternal 2.jpeg
X-men Rogue 2.jpeg
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