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Toy Photographer: Harsha Kiriti Kopalley

IG: @iacon_transformers

Deviant Art:

FB:  @iacon_transformers

Harsha is from Hyderabad, India who is an ardent pop-culture enthusiast.  Harsha's passion for photography and enthusiasm for SciFi pop culture has resulted in pursuing toy photography hobby. From childhood, Harsha has been fascinated by Mecha, Robots, especially Transformers which holds a special place in his heart.  This has played a major factor in choosing action figure collection and toy photography as his hobby.  

His creative process includes a story that he wants to convey with the characters, colors of lighting used to convey the tone, and using special effects to make it grand. He takes inspiration for framing a shot from movies and comic artists.

His Transformers toy photography artworks have been featured in many reputed Instagram pages like Toypic community, Hiddenfigs, Out of Order productions, Retro Pop Thursday, and many more. Harsha has also won first prize in Jedi /Padawan contest conducted by Toypic community.

Harsha's quote "Toy photography is a means to tell your stories of your favorite heroes and idols." 

Brawn kick.jpg
Bumblebee in woods.jpeg
Megatron behind Optimus.jpeg
Sideswipe Transform.jpeg
OP Sixgun upgrade 2.jpeg
Impactor Walk.jpeg
Impactor attacks.jpeg
Optimus Six gun upgrade.jpeg
Starscream .jpeg
Shattered Glass OP.jpeg
Optimus Truck Mode.jpeg
Taking a Stroll.jpeg
Surrender Optimus.jpeg
TF Prime Optimus.jpeg
Bumblebee hand raise.jpeg
Ironhide in Warzone.jpeg
Hound Sixgun cannon.jpeg
Megatron entrance.jpeg
Trailbreaker Forcefield.jpeg
ZSJL Batmobile.jpeg
Hound Offroad.jpeg
Impactor blast.jpeg
Marching into Battle.jpeg
Megatron confronts Autobots.jpeg
Barricade spotlight.jpg
Barricade vs Red Alert.jpeg
Brawn Spotlight.jpeg
Bumblebee jump.jpeg
Bumblebee movie.jpeg
Bumblebee portrait.jpeg
Cliff and Bee.jpeg
Cosmos Stranded.jpeg
Cliffjumper Water ski.png
Megatron Portrait.jpeg
Megatron face Optimus.jpeg
Mirage clones.jpeg
Optimus vs Megatron version-1.jpeg
Optimus vs Megatron alt.jpeg
Optimus Bumblebee Team up.jpeg
Primes of Multiverse.jpeg
Perceptor calculating.jpeg
RedAlert Saves.jpeg
Repair bay.jpeg
Decepticons attack.jpeg
Sith Starscream.jpeg
Spinister vs Impactor.jpeg
Barricade chase Bumblebee.jpeg
Optimus Leads.jpeg
Roadbuster vs Spinister.jpeg
Starscream Attacks.jpeg
Hound and cliff G1 scene.jpg
Fighting Monster.jpeg
Ground Bridge.jpeg
Sixshot devastation.jpeg
Starscream cybertron hologram.jpeg
Springer and Impactor.jpeg
Megatron jump.jpeg
Sixshot punch.jpg
Optimus Prime Supermode.png

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