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Toy Photographer: Firdaus R

IG: @viphotoys
Tik Tok: @viphotoys

My name is Firdaus R, but you can call me Vip. I am 28 years old and live in Jakarta, Indonesia as a husband for 2 children. I have been an action figures and statues collector since 2015. One day, One of ToysPhotographer, Davy Kurnia, introduced me to toy photography in 2018 so I decided to retire as a statues collector and focus on 1/6(onesixth) and 1/12(one twelfth) scale. I like the detail for setting up the diorama and accessories to make a different atmosphere in each photo. All of my photos use Light Painting technique and Lightroom as tone touching. 

Enjoy my work and Thanks for your support.

Alita Ready for Battle-Low Resolution.JPG
Angry Venompool-Low Resolution.jpg
GhostRiderFirst-Low Resolution.jpg
GhostRagnarok-Low Resolution.jpg
MODOK_Low Resolution.jpg
Prowler Work-Low Resolution.JPG
Batman DeathMetal-Low Resolution.jpg
GladiatorKorg-Low Resolution.jpg
MysterioMagic-Low Resolution.jpg
GhostKnight-Low Resolution.jpg
GhostRider-Low Resolution.jpg
Red Sonja-Low Resolution.jpg
Batman_Knightmare_Low Resolution.jpg
HellfireClub-Low Resolution.JPG
Robin DamianWayne-Low Resolution.jpg
Saving PepperPots-Low Resolution.jpg
Scarecrow Hunt-Low Resolution.jpg
Sentinel Invasion-Low Resolution.JPG
ShaoKhanFatality_Low Resolution.jpg
GhostContract_Low Resolution.jpg
ChevroletJump_Low Resolution.jpg
GhostRider Jump_Low Resolution.jpg
Zombie Hulk-Low Resolution.jpg
BlackManta Run_Low Resolution.jpg
Loki Illusion_Low Resolution.jpg
Robin Infected Free-Low Resolution.jpg
TomHolland Walk-Low Resolution.JPG
WorkFromHome_Low Resolution.jpg
IronvsDoom_Low Resolution.jpg
GorillaGrodd Angry-Low Resolution.jpg
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